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Health and Safety when cleaning.

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When commercial or office cleaning Birmingham there are many different regulations that need to be followed when working in an office or business environment. When starting a cleaning job in a Business environment many health and safety checks are covered this is part of a legal requirement. Many cleaning companies will have a plan in stages of any cleaning job they undertake. This should include a risk assessment; a risk assessment is where a company will identify any risks and hazards around the building they are currently working in and have controlled measures and safety systems to reduce the risk of a hazard happening. How long should a risk assessment be? Each different risk or hazard will have a risk assessment the level of detail will depend on how small or major the risk is, the bigger the risk the more information to be required. A small hazard can easily be addressed however risks much greater can be due to cleaning machinery being used. Many cleaning staff may be using harmful substances which can be entered through the body from drinking and eating, dust or sprays, absorption through the skin.

What do you need to be trained in to become an OFFICE cleaner Birmingham?

Many people will look at cleaning equipment and believe it’s okay to use instantly however it is essential to understand when mixing different substances together when cleaning can potentially become dangerous. To avoid this from happening to ensure you read the labels of the products you are using to understand what you can and can’t do. The chemicals used when cleaning must only be used for their intended purpose only, this means you cannot use the products to do anything else other than to clean. To find out more information about the different chemicals please ask your suppliers for detailed safety sheets which they must provide for you. What is in the safety data sheets? When collecting the data sheet if should include information on the following the proper use of a substance, health risks and fire hazards, how to use, transport and store the substance, emergency action and first aid advice and other information regarding waste disposal.